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Breathe without worries! A1 Asbestos Pros offers asbestos services in Elizabeth, NJ that will eliminate any asbestos lingering in the air. 

Exposure to asbestos happens when an asbestos-containing material crumbles or is disturbed. The most common scenarios where contamination can occur:

  • When working with asbestos
  • When doing home building renovation or demolition
  • From clothes, skin, or hair of someone who was exposed to asbestos
  • From asbestos-bearing minefields and outdoor recreation areas

If you want to hire our professional asbestos company or need to consult other problems regarding asbestos, contact us.

Asbestos removal on popcorn ceiling.

Why Is Asbestos Dangerous?

Asbestos fiber is a kind of mineral that is crystal-like, small, and thin. In fact, it is so small that it is hidden from sight. What makes it even harder to detect is the lack of affect on your skin; it does not or make you cough or sneeze. Once it is released and mixed with the air and infiltrates the body, it creates threatening health risks.


Since it is resistant to corrosion and heat, oftentimes, asbestos can be found in materials used for roofing and flooring. But it is not limited to those. It also exists on pipe insulation, gypsum boards, stipple-coated ways, and furnace insulation among others.


Asbestos can put you and your family in danger. Let our professionals handle it! Our team of asbestos contractors provides exceptional asbestos work in all scenarios. We can perform services within a residential property or commercial establishments in Elizabeth, NJ. 

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Why Consult With A Professional Asbestos Abatement Company in Elizabeth?

Microscopic asbestos is not something that can be easily swept up and the problem is gone. Removing asbestos on your own poses serious health and safety risks. Contacting professionals and seasoned asbestos contractors is what should be done.


When asbestos mixes into the air, everyone who inhales it is at risk of developing health issues depending on how much they breathed in or swallowed and how long the exposure lasted. Good thing A1 Asbestos Pros is your friendly asbestos company nearby. We are a trained team you can trust to perform top-quality asbestos removal services.

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Asbestos Pros

Our professionals use proper equipment to deal with the problem. We follow all safety protocols to ensure the safety of the team and our clients. Furthermore, we only recommend and apply the right asbestos remediation solutions.

If you have questions regarding asbestos or want to receive an estimate or cost to dispose of asbestos, do not hesitate to contact our office.

Elizabeth, NJ Asbestos Removal & Abatements

There are thousands of sources of air pollution, but one of the most serious is caused by toxic asbestos dust. When inhaled it can prompt lung disease and cancer as well as other dangerous health conditions. Here is something you should remember: exposure to asbestos is not safe. It can damage your health!

Getting rid of asbestos completely is what we are trained to do. Our licensed asbestos removal contractors are seasoned professionals who have conducted numerous home asbestos and commercial asbestos removals. 

As an asbestos remediation company in Elizabeth, NJ, we offer several asbestos abatement services including:


A1 Asbestos Pros offers Elizabeth, NJ, and the surrounding areas asbestos inspection. Asbestos inspection is an important activity that we do to check and treat any material that contains harmful minerals. Assessing the situation is crucial before executing solutions for commercial and/or residential settings. We will recommend appropriate actions that will completely eliminate the problem after our team assesses your home or building structure.

Air & Bulk Sampling

Just looking at things is not enough to tell if a material and the area is contaminated with asbestos. Air & bulk sampling is pivotal and

a protocol by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. For your own safety, and to accurately determine asbestos-bearing materials, inspection and testing must be done.


The Environmental Protection Agency advocates that:


  • If any material is suspected to comprise asbestos, do not try to move it. Instead, leave it alone to prevent accidentally releasing the asbestos into the air.
  • Call professional asbestos contractors to encapsulate or seal the surface that is suspected to have asbestos.
  • Any materials containing asbestos should be covered, removed, and replaced.


To identify the rationale for the foul odors, and irritation to the eyes, nose, and throat;, we will perform investigative sampling, collect data, interview occupants, and examine the ventilation of the space.

Sampling will be able to tell us the right treatment and remedy to move forward withdo.

Asbestos Removal

Millions of residential and commercial structures in Elizabeth, NJ use hazardous materials where asbestos can be found. Asbestos exists in home improvement materials (from the shingles to the basement tiles). Our contractors have received the appropriate training and experience necessary to safely remove asbestos in your New Jersey property.

Our asbestos removal methods ensure that the safety and health of employees, residents, and occupants are protected. A1 Asbestos Pros deliver not only effective and budget-friendly asbestos solutions, but we also use advanced techniques.

Our asbestos work covers:

  • Asbestos pipe wrap removal
  • Replacing asbestos shingles
  • Asbestos tile removal
  • Asbestos shingle removal
  • Removing asbestos floor tiles
  • Removing asbestos tile in basement
  • Asbestos remediation

So, what do you do if you think your home or office is polluted with asbestos?

Call A1 Asbestos Pros. We can survey and test the materials suspected to contain asbestos, suggest the next steps, and completely remove the material that is creating the risks.

Why Choose A1 Asbestos Pros?

Finding the right team from among the hundreds of asbestos removal companies

s essential. Working with a team that can ensure complete and successful asbestos work will give you peace of mind. A1 Asbestos Pros is a certified asbestos removal and abatements company. 


  • Did you get a notification regarding possible asbestos on your property?
  • Doing a renovation?
  • Demolishing a building?

Give us a call; our asbestos experts and specialists will come and give you the initial measures. Being exposed

to asbestos fibers is harmful to health. Unfortunately, it is tough to determine if the space, air, or materials are contaminated by asbestos. For that reason alone, it is vital to hire only the best asbestos company in Elizabeth, NJ.

A1 Asbestos Pros assures customers will receive:

  • High-quality work guaranteed
  • Prompt project completion
  • Advanced asbestos solutions for health and safety
  • Honest service
  • Years of experience


Do you want to get an asbestos removal estimate from us? Contact A1 Asbestos Pros and our friendly customer service agents will provide the complete details you need about our services.

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