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Elizabeth NJ Asbestos Insulation Removal

We know how challenging removing asbestos insulation materials can be. A1 Asbestos Pros is equipped to handle the job! Call us to get a detailed cost list on removing Vermiculite from the attic.


If You Have Vermiculite Insulation

The majority of houses and buildings in the United States that were built prior to 1980 used asbestos insulation. If you fear Vermiculite insulation was installed on your property, take the essential steps to safeguard yourself and your family from being exposed to asbestos.

asbestos insulation removal
  • Leave the Vermiculite insulation in your attic or walls undisturbed. Trying to remove it could release more asbestos fibers into the air.
  • Never drill, sand, or saw any material that contains asbestos. When renovating a property, seek professional contractors for help.
  • Do not try to patch and repair the asbestos insulation. Damaged materials should be addressed using the correct t tools and sealants.
  • Do not store items or boxes in rooms or attics that have asbestos insulation.
  • Never attempt to tackle the situation on your own. Do not remove the asbestos insulation yourself. A1 Asbestos Pros is a professional asbestos contractor based in Elizabeth, NJ that can safely remove asbestos insulation.
  • Do not attempt to maintain asbestos insulation by replacing the insulation board or spray coating the material. Leave the job to trained and equipped professionals.
  • In the case of asbestos insulation peeling off, you need to clear the area and reach out to licensed asbestos removal contractors immediately. Have the asbestos specialists take away the asbestos-contaminated materials safely and completely removed.
  • Comply with the federal and state laws when getting rid of asbestos insulation. Hire a professional asbestos abatement company in Elizabeth, NJ. You could face consequences for illegally collecting and disposing of asbestos-contaminated products.

Removal of Vermiculite Attic Insulation in Elizabeth

Asbestos fibers are so small making the  airborne vermiculite complicated to remove. We do not recommend people to remove asbestos insulation by themselves and risk getting exposed to asbestos. A1 Asbestos Pros is capable of providing asbestos removal service in Elizabeth, NJ. 

Depending on the condition of the asbestos insulation, our asbestos removal team can encapsulate and remove asbestos found in your attic or walls.

  • Enclosure or encapsulation

Asbestos enclosure or encapsulation is required if the asbestos is in a sensitive area where fibers must be contained. 

  • Remove asbestos

Removing the asbestos insulation is imperative when renovating, refurbishing, or demolishing a property. The removal process varies depending on the type of asbestos material.


Removing asbestos insulation from your home or business without the assistance of professional contractors is not recommended. Asbestos insulation is made  of hazardous fibers that can eventually trigger illnesses like cancer.  

asbestos insulation

You can be guaranteed that:


  • A1 Asbestos Pros follows standard measures 
  • We will control and suppress asbestos dust
  • We can ensure no asbestos fibers will escape during the removal work
  • We are trained professionals and skilled personnel who comply with the federal regulations and state codes for asbestos removal. 
  • Our asbestos specialists went through training and accreditation. A1 Asbestos Pros can deliver the services you are looking for.


We Are The Asbestos Removal Company In Elizabeth You Deserve


It is crucial to address asbestos safely. Let A1 Asbestos Pros help take out all the asbestos-contaminated materials away from your property. Call us for more details about our asbestos insulation removal services.

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