Asbestos Testing And Inspection In Elizabeth, NJ

We know how difficult it is to figure out if materials contain asbestos or not. If you are planning on doing a renovation or demolition, we recommend testing for asbestos first.

When Should Asbestos Testing Be Ordered in Elizabeth, NJ?

In order to reduce the risks of asbestos exposure, you need to ensure that you are following the proper steps when doing:

Demolition work

Asbestos testing is essential when demolishing a house or building. The only time testing for asbestos may not be done is when the property is structurally unsound and too dangerous for specialists and inspectors to enter.

Renovation project

Many houses and buildings in the United States were built using materials that contain asbestos. In reality, even after EPA regulations were established, asbestos products never fully left the market. It is still in numerous construction materials. That is why asbestos testing is essential before doing renovation projects.

asbestos testing and removal services in NJ.

If there are employees or tenants occupying the property, their safety should be top priority. When they recognize a material that potentially contains asbestos, it must be investigated and the right steps taken to address the issue. 


Contact A1 Asbestos Pros to handle asbestos testing before ordering for home asbestos removal or commercial asbestos removal.

Why Call A1 Asbestos Pros?

Call A1 Asbestos Pros, we are here to help you! As a professional asbestos removal company nearby, we have specialists and experts working with us. We offer reasonably-priced, thorough, high-quality asbestos testing and removal services.

Do-it-yourself asbestos testing vs. A1 Asbestos Pros asbestos testing service.

Asbestos is highly toxic and unfortunately present in many construction materials. Since asbestos is not visible to the naked eye, stringent precautions during asbestos removal are paramount. This is why people are discouraged from performing do-it-yourself asbestos testing that might not provide accurate data.

Since there are low-cost testing kits being sold at home improvement centers, some businesses or homeowners may opt not to hire a professional contractor for collecting and testing samples of asbestos. 


Although the cost of DIY asbestos testing is less than what most asbestos removal companies offer, keep in mind that asbestos fibers can easily penetrate the human body when mishandled and can cause serious health issues. 


Asbestos Pros

asbestos testing

A1 Asbestos Pros asbestos testing.

Our team conducting asbestos testing has been properly trained to collect and manage asbestos samples. Our specialists have extensive experience collecting friable and solid materials as well as dust samples. We are equipped with high-quality coveralls, respirators, gloves, and plastic sheeting to constrain asbestos fibers and prevent them from spreading to other areas of the property.


A1 Asbestos Pros works with the best testing laboratories in Elizabeth, NJ, as well as, other asbestos removal experts, community leaders, and local authorities. 


It is always better to inspect whether there is asbestos in your home or business or not and take the right course of action to avoid the risks of facing legal consequences. For more details about our asbestos testing in Elizabeth and our ways of getting rid of asbestos, please contact us. Our asbestos specialists will assist you from beginning to end.

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