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Asbestos Tile Removal Elizabeth, NJ.

Floor tiles made with asbestos can be hazardous. It will easily crumble and release asbestos when it gets damaged from aging, heat, or water. The best way to deal with it is to hire a professional asbestos removal company that provides asbestos tile removal.


If you have asbestos floor tiles in your home or business, contact A1 Asbestos Pros immediately for an inspection.

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What is the best approach for asbestos flooring?

Some people deal with old asbestos floor tiles by installing wall-to-wall carpeting over the asbestos-containing floor. Although covering can prevent damage that can release the fibers into the air, it does not take away the fact that asbestos is still within your property and could still potentially endanger the health and safety of your family.


When an asbestos-containing product deteriorates or becomes disturbed, people can become exposed to the substance and trigger major health issues like abdominal cavity lining and permanent scarring of lungs. This is why removing asbestos is encouraged rather than leaving it alone regardless of if it being used or out-of-the-way.


A1 Asbestos Pros is experienced in commercial asbestos removal, as well as, home asbestos removal. We highly recommend you check our asbestos tile removal services before deciding on anything.


For any inquiries about removing asbestos floor tiles, please contact our customer support. Our representative will provide all the information you need for getting rid of asbestos in your home or business.


Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Cost

The total cost for removing asbestos flooring rests on:


  • The need for an asbestos survey.
  • Price of materials and equipment that removal experts will use. Some projects require specialized equipment and more expensive setup like a HEPA vacuum, respirators, and bodysuits.
  • Cost to install new flooring.
  • Asbestos disposal rate and permit fees.


To find out the cost for your project, contact A1 Asbestos Pros today. We will compile a cost estimate for you!

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Near Elizabeth, NJ

Here is what our asbestos floor tile removal service includes:


  • A team of specialists that can efficiently and effectively remove asbestos flooring.
  • The correct gear, tools, and supplies to accomplish the job.
  • A high-quality covering to protect other areas of the house or commercial space.
  • Sprayers that will control asbestos dust.
  • A highly skilled team who knows how to avoid hazards and minimize disruption of service to the public, especially when working in commercial spaces.
  • Appropriate disposal of asbestos waste.


Removing asbestos tile in the basement, kitchen, or other rooms is not a simple task. Mishandling of materials could lead to the risk of asbestos exposure. 

Before we start the work, we make sure to:


  • Barricade areas for preparatory inspection.
  • Inspect the space for any visible debris and fibers.
  • Notify people to vacate the whole or part of the home or building for asbestos tile removal work.


For more information regarding A1 Asbestos Pros and our asbestos removal services- including asbestos tile removal– give us a call.

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